Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kolkata Builders facing demand for Vastu friendly flats.

The elements of Vaastu have come to play a role in the real estate market. 

Property dealers and developers say people are concerned with Vaastu factor while buying a property. Looking for Vaastu conforming properties, positioning things within the house according to the directions specified by Vaastu. Trends are fast catching up. It is no more surprising to see builders advertising that their buildings have been designed according to Vaastu. 

Over the years, there has been a clear cut demand for Vaastu compliant properties but earlier people did not have many options due to unawarness. Are Real Estate developers now forced to follow Vaastu while designing their structures? Many of my clients have agreed that Vaastu was significant enough to impact their house purchase prices. 

Buildings and plots that don’t conform to Vaastu command a lower price. Those who make an investment in property are concerned about the return on investment and they believe that Vaastu compliant property can fetch them higher returns from the non-Vaastu compliant one. 

Before buying a property , Vaastu Audit should be duly conducted by a reputed consultant. 

What is Vaastu .

Vaastu is an ancient science of directions which helps in building up harmony with five basic elements of Universe. These five basic elements are Agni (Fire), Akash (Sky), Paani (Water), Prithvi (Earth), and Vayu (Wind). According to Vaastu, the five elements which if are aligned in the right directions can lead to bring in harmony inside a building,house, business place and industrial establishments.

There are various corners of a building which tends to radiate energies which can be negative or positive in terms of influence on the people inhabitating the building or the concrete structures. The aggreagated result of the positive and the negative forces helps in creating harmonious atmosphere inside a building, house, commercial building and in turn helps people to live happily and enervated if the aggreagated result of energies turn out to be positive. 

So what does Vaastu do.

 Vaastu helps in increasing the positive energies and reduces the negative energies thereby increasing the postive influence of aggregrated result of energies and as such the effect of the same can be felt by the people inhabitating the structure where Vaastu principles have been applied. 

About Vaastu Shastra:

Vaastu means the physical environment and Shastra means the knowledge. The combination of the two is known as Vaastu Shastra? Which means the knowledge of the physical environment. This ancient science is based on the principles of controlling two basic forces-Positive forces and the Negative forces. Any architectural design either brings in some good effects or evil effects on the persons inhabitating the structure. 

Vaastu as a science is in no way related to performing the rituals before buying or renovating the house. Its a stand alone way of looking at various dimensions for getting the people living in house rid of ill effects of negative forces and provides shield against dreadful diseases, disaters, mishaps, birth of physically and mentally distordered children,untimely death and other unfortunate happenings. 

Vaastu can help people in getting rid of defects which cannot be removed by other means such as astrology or rirtuals. If you are somehow associating vaastu with astrology or palmistry then Vaastu is totally misunderstood . 

Hence, it is advisable for one to consult a Vaastu Consultant rather than astrologers, pudits and others from the occult side. Instead of blaming your luck and destiny, the right move is to get the Vaastu Experts consulted before buying the house or for getting your home renovated for leading the life full of happiness, wealth, healthy life, success in married life, success in relationships, success in business and other fields. 

For more information do contact: 

      Subbir Kumar Datta


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